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The Person

Published author with Simon & Schuster and also with Book Hub Publishing, Wit, Wisdom and WOW are synonymous with Dr. Mary Helen Hensley. Her marriage of no holds barred humour and honesty with integrity and compassion make her one of Ireland’s most sought-after metaphysical healers and synergistic speakers. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Graphic Design, Mary Helen went on to receive a Doctorate of Chiropractic in America, and  practiced in Ireland from 1999 until 2012. She has facilitated the healing process for countless individuals, all initially referred to her by word-of-mouth. Mother to two beautiful girls, Jemma Skye and Jada, Mary Helen balances her time between her work as an author, healer and seminar facilitator with helping her girls to develop the unique metaphysical gifts with which they, too, have been blessed. Mary Helen and her children currently reside in the countryside village of Brideswell, Athlone in Ireland.

Chiropracter officeThe Doctor 

Following Mary Helen’s car accident, riddled with a host of injuries, Mary Helen attended a Chiropractor to begin her own journey back to health. She became so intrigued by the education she received while under her chiropractor’s care that she made the decision to return to school and become a Doctor of Chiropractic herself. Dr. Hensley was involved in educating and caring for the health and well-being of her patients from 1998 to 2012 when an injury resurfaced which meant she had to cease practice.


The Synergistic Speaker and Teacher

Mary Helen has put her Communications Degree to good use and has been engaged in public speaking for over twenty years. Speaking with the same enthusiasm to audiences of 5 or 500, Mary Helen defines synergy, engaging and involving everyone in self-discovery via two-way dialogues. Her refreshing view of life and life experiences are reflected in her captivating sense of humour and willingness to share. With an uncanny ability to extract the truth, Mary Helen compassionately teaches her audiences to explore and find their own answers. With such a wide variety of life experiences, she is comfortable with any audience, be they school children, book clubs, health care professionals or support groups.


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The Author

Shortly after the birth of her first child, Mary Helen began to recognise something familiar about her daughter’s behaviour. It seemed that she was already beginning to show signs of having the family gift and by the time her second daughter had arrived, Mary Helen had no doubt that both girls were, in fact, displaying the same abilities that she had as a child. As she watched these gifts develop, she decided to write down her own life experiences so that her girls would know that they were not alone, giving them reassurance and guidance as to how she had integrated her own “uniqueness” into her everyday life as a child. 

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