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belfast 2013

“What exactly is it that you do?”

              I always chuckle to myself when asked this question. How does one describe the knowing, the voices, the communication with those who have crossed over, the vibrations, the stories from lives lived long ago?              

             In a nutshell, it’s impossible to pin this wave to the sand because every session is unique. After many years and what must be thousands of facilitations of every type of healing imaginable, I have yet to give what I do a catchy moniker, as nothing seems to quite fit the bill. I am blessed with the ability to touch an individual, either physically or energetically, and “download” information much like downloading info from the hard-drive of a computer. 

             The first question I always ask the energy body of the person before me is “How can I best serve you in this moment?” For some, connecting with how and when a disease process began is most relevant to finding a way to get rid of it or make peace with it. For others, emotional or spiritual crisis may have landed them on my table. There are times when cellular memories carried over from a previous incarnation may be the culprit for imbalance or disharmony in someone’s life. And sometimes,  it’s the overwhelming desire to connect with a lost loved one in order to move on from debilitating grief.

            In essence, I’m a dot connector, energetically and verbally bringing “Ah- ha” moments to those seeking my assistance. I once heard metaphysical healing described as window washing for the soul. The healer simply wiping away the dirt and grime accumulated by life’s challenges, so that a person may see clearly again, ultimately bringing about their own healing, understanding, growth and evolution.

            I have watched many miracles take place over the years, my favourites being the moment the light clicks on and a person realises that they already are the Divine Love and Wisdom that they seek. Once a person remembers this simple yet powerful truth, nothing is impossible. To the pursuit of restoring this memory to my fellow travellers through life, I have dedicated the use of my unique way of healing, hearing, seeing and feeling the world around me. I most often refer to myself as a steward of humanity, living and loving to serve, because the rest is just a bit too much to squeeze on to a business card!