“Bringing Death to Life” is the title of Mary Helen’s latest book. The book was written in collaboration with Patricia Scanlan, Aidan Storey and Pamela Young. It is available from all reputable bookstores including Easons and Amazon.

‘Bringing Death to Life’ is a discussion about death and the after life beyond the veil. Take a heart-lifting journey into the great unknown … In Bringing Death to Life, well-known author Patricia Scanlan, along with soul friends and metaphysical healers Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Aidan Storey and Pamela Young, shine a light into an area that they believe needs to become part of the ordinary conversation of life, not to be feared or avoided in our communications, but recognised, understood, accepted: death.

Patricia, whose experience of the loss of her parents was the catalyst for this book, shares her own journey through grief, while Aidan, Mary Helen and Pamela — who have abilities to channel, communicate with angels, and intuit and heal between this life and the next — share personal experiences along with insight into death and the afterlife gained through their work. Included are chapters on facing fear of death, being present during death of a loved one, the aftermath of loss, and connecting to signs and messages from beyond, along with remarkable stories of the afterlife in the everyday. Prayers, affirmations and messages from the angels also make up this special, thought-provoking and ultimately deeply comforting book.


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