Well folks, it has been one heck of a week. I have lived the full spectrum of human emotions in the course of seven, seemingly innocent, calendar days. After returning from my eighth trip to America in the last twelve months due to my father’s illness, his passing and my mother’s subsequent accident, I jumped back into work and looked forward to a wonderful mid-week wedding on 12/12/12. The day after the wedding, I found myself walking somberly through a graveyard in Kildare, as one of my closest friends buried her 30-year-old son, following a brutal mugging in Dublin at the weekend. On the way home from the funeral, ‘Old Faithful’, my trusty jeep of eight years, blew her last gasket and left me stranded with no transport, along with the daunting reality of purchasing a new vehicle just a week before Christmas. On Friday, my girls and I made our way to Dublin city centre to help launch the new book of my dear friend, Bertrand Dory. It was my great pleasure to not only speak at the launch, but to delight in the fact that there was an entire chapter dedicated to a radio interview that Bertrand did with me earlier in the year. “Conversations for Your Soul” will, no doubt, be a great success. The girls and I went car hunting on Saturday, and on Sunday, we collected money in the shopping centre with our friend, Irene, in aid of the Simon Community, helping the homeless. I came home to co-host a radio show called “You Are What You Love”, with author and healer, Vaishali, on purpleV.com.

This week there has been exhaustion from travel, the never-ending surprises of my work as a healer, the joy of attending the marriage of a dear couple, the meeting of new friends, the death of a young friend and the sharing of grief with those he left behind. My car exploded, right along with my savings account, I helped to launch a book, I was featured in a new book, I had a blast hosting an internet show and then I put my children to bed. The week has reinforced a great principle, which I would in turn, like to share with you.

When we signed up to come to planet Earth, we chose this dynamic, organic glowing blue ball for all that it has to offer. While in Spirit, and in our full glory, fearless and united with the Source, we knew exactly what we were getting in to by choosing to incarnate here. By donning the veil of forgetfulness, we also separated ourselves from remembering who we really are, and in doing so, allowed ourselves the unique opportunity to experience the dichotomy of light and dark. We find ourselves in bother as a species because we are so far removed from the knowledge of our origins, that we have polarized to the facade of the light out of fear of the darkness. In reality, both are necessary for the human experience in our current vibration. We knew about it, we agreed to it, and we chose it for our own growth.

I look at my crazy week of emotional highs and lows and celebrate the fact that each of the joys and sorrows prove one thing… I’m alive. We have fooled ourselves into thinking that life is not fair or well-lived unless all goes according to the fairy tale plan. That kind of stuff belongs in Disney, the magical place of make believe. Real life is hard. It hurts and can be so painful, but it can also bring unimaginable happiness. The problem with most people is they tend to get stuck in one category of emotions. For me, I’m a bright-sider, always seeing the positive, always making lemonade out of lemons. For others, they dwell in their sorrow, stuck in the “why me?” or “it’s never enough” syndrome. Guess what? Neither is better than the other, nor is it in our best interest to sit for too long in either type of behavior. As the events of this past week reminded me, life is a great big roller coaster. If you’ve ever been on one, the ride begins with laughter and excitement, slowly inching up towards a climax, as our fear rises right along with it, then drops you like a hot potato, leaving you to puke up your guts or shriek with delight as you re-emerge from the fall, only to start climbing again.

If 2012 has been any indication of what happens when we hit the next peak on this crazy ride, hold on to yer hats, we’re in for one heck of an adventure. My advice to you… live each moment, every emotion as it is in that moment. Allow your feelings to be authentic and don’t waste the precious gift of your joy, waiting for sadness. As sure as the sun will set on December 21st and rise again on the 22nd, sadness will find its way into your life. So will fear and uncertainty, but so too will love, faith and trust in the good of humankind, find their way into your heart.

With all that I am I wish you the gift of acceptance of your life experience. After all, you chose it. Happy Holidays and rock on, my friends!

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