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Dr. Mary Helen Hensley’s 7th book, “Understanding is the New Healing” is due to be available shortly.  More details to come.


Promised by Heaven

A Doctor’s return from the afterlife to a destiny of love and healing.


Mary Helen’s popular book, released in 2015 is available to buy from Amazon.

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Promised By Heaven, what readers have said:

“This book can inspire you to be honest with yourself and to see the path ahead that leads to self empowerment. ” – Promised by Heaven Eliza

“A very honest, fascinating, eye opening account of how the author’s life was changed by her near death experience.” – Promised by Heaven Hannah

Mary Helen’s

Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Author

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley is a healer, motivational speaker and author. Her book Titles include: The Pocket Coach by Dick Hensley with Foreword and Arrangement by Dr. Mary Helen Hensley. The Chakra Fairies: A Magical Mantra for Children with text by Dr. Mary Helen Hensley and Illustrations by Jada and Jemma both Available from Book Hub Publishing at She is scheduled to publish a new book with Simon & Schuster in late 2015.
Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Author
Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Author7 days ago
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Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Author
Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Author
Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Author1 week ago
"If sitting in the company of one whose sole intent is to criticise and judge, only one of two things can occur...You can realise just how far you've come or just how far you still need to go. Each becomes a gift if you allow yourself to receive."
-Dr. Mary Helen Hensley
Coming Soon
Understanding is the New Healing


The title of the upcoming release is “Understanding is the New Healing”


..why things have happened in life is the key ingredient to healing

7th Book

This is Mary Helen’s 7th Book!
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