Understanding is the New Healing

“We’ve been overwhelmed by people who are anxious to get an early copy of my new book, Understanding Is the New Healing! My US publisher, Lisa Hagan Books, has given the thumbs up to release the book to the public before the Irish and American launches because hey….why not?!? Soooo… if you go to amazon.com or amazon.co.uk it’s right there waiting for you! Please take the time to review when you finish and please share the news far and wide! Let’s change some lives together!” – Mary Helen Hensley


‘Understanding is the New Healing’ will be launched in the U.S. on Friday July 12th. The launch will take place at the Edgar Cayce ARE in Virginia Beach at 6:30pm. The Irish launch will be on July 5th. Details to be announced soon.


Bringing Death to Life


‘Bringing Death to Life – An Uplifting Exploration of Living, Dying, the Soul Journey and the Afterlife’ is Mary Helen’s latest book, and is available for sale NOW

Promised by Heaven

A Doctor’s return from the afterlife to a destiny of love and healing.




Mary Helen’s popular book, released in 2015 is available to buy from Amazon.

Understanding is the New Healing, Some endorsements:

“You are holding in your hands the book: Understanding is the New Healing.      You did not pick up this book by chance. Perhaps it is an answer to an unspoken question you have been asking about your Soul’s unfoldment, pastlives, sacred wisdom and receptivity to Divine guidance. If those questions have been reverberating somewhere in your awareness this book may be part of that answer. Through personal stories of healing and release of cellular memories that have blocked the flow of happiness and great reflections on insights regarding universal principles, you’ll be ushered into greater clarity and wellbeing. 

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley has woven together an extraordinary volume of spiritual inspiration that will bring great understanding and great healing. Read it and watch your life change  for the better.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder & Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center, Author of 'Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation'

Sharing wisdom after having extensive experiences with the profound gifts received during the transition from life to death. An invaluable blessing to those struggling to make sense of such events, many will realize that the gift of knowing our eternal connection with loved ones is beautifully supported when we share the dying process.

Eben Alexander MD

Neurosurgeon and author of 'Living in a Mindful Universe' and 'Proof of Heaven'

Latest Videos:

Mary Helen and Patricia Scanlan discuss ‘Bringing Death to Life’ on the ‘Elaine Show’
Mary Helen was a guest speaker at IANDS 2018


Bringing Death to Life is Available to Buy September 6th

"Bringing Death to Life" is the title of Mary Helen's latest book. The book was written in collaboration with Patricia Scanlan, Aidan Storey and Pamela Young. It is available from all reputable bookstores including Easons and Amazon. 'Bringing Death to...

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The Chakra Fairies is Revamped and Relaunched

The Chakra Fairies May Helen's children's book 'The Chakra Fairies' has had the artwork revamped and is available to buy now after it was relaunched yesterday at the Athlone Springs Hotel. For this updated edition the illustrations are by the talented...

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26th Re-Birthday Ramblings

A nostalgic rambling about the last 26 years. My 26th Re-Birthday! After a near- death experience following a temporarily fatal car crash on Dec 14th, 1991, I can honestly say...I wouldn't change a thing. For more of this story, check out Promised By...

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New Book for 2018

New Book Coming in 2018! I am so pleased to announce that myself, along with a dream team of authors - Patricia Scanlon, Aidan Storey and Pamela Young have been working on a book together for the last number of weeks, and, today we officially signed...

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On the Couch at Athlone Community Radio

Listen to Mary Helen's interview with John Madden on Athlone Community Radio. The show aired on October 21st and is available on Podcast here... https://www.mixcloud.com/AthloneCommunityRadio/on-the-couch-with-dr-mary-helen-hensley/  

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Wellbeing Show

Myself and Dr. Joe were at The Wellbeing Show at the Sheraton Hotel yesterday. Dr Joe had a busy day of spinal screenings while I was speaking about my new book, Understanding is the New Healing. Great way to finish off a massive weekend of office...

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A Successful 18th Year Birthday!

The balloons say it all! The best kind of worn out is when you've worked your boo-tay off doing what you love. Delivered a serious amount of adjustments today as we wrapped up our 1st and 18th birthdays in Athlone Chiropractic! We blew out our candles and...

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18 Years of Athlone Chiropractic Care

On Friday, July 7th, we celebrate 18 fabulous years as Athlone Chiropractic Care. If you or anyone you know would like to come in for a spinal tune-up, all visits are 18 euro on Friday. Come by and reminisce or meet the team for the first time. If you have...

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The Queen Scary: Notes from a Haunted Ship

Jetlag has taken on an entirely new meaning this week. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting a little older or if it was the intensity of my latest trip to L.A., but I haven’t been to sleep at a decent hour in the last week since I returned to...

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