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Dr. Mary Helen Hensley’s 7th book, “Understanding is the New Healing” is due to be available shortly.  More details to come.


Promised by Heaven

A Doctor’s return from the afterlife to a destiny of love and healing.


Mary Helen’s popular book, released in 2015 is available to buy from Amazon.

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Promised By Heaven, what readers have said:

“This book can inspire you to be honest with yourself and to see the path ahead that leads to self empowerment. ” – Promised by Heaven Eliza

“A very honest, fascinating, eye opening account of how the author’s life was changed by her near death experience.” – Promised by Heaven Hannah

Mary Helen’s

Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Author

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley is a healer, motivational speaker and author. Her book Titles include: The Pocket Coach by Dick Hensley with Foreword and Arrangement by Dr. Mary Helen Hensley. The Chakra Fairies: A Magical Mantra for Children with text by Dr. Mary Helen Hensley and Illustrations by Jada and Jemma both Available from Book Hub Publishing at She is scheduled to publish a new book with Simon & Schuster in late 2015.
Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Author
Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Author22 hours ago
Dear Friends
Because I am getting so many messages from people who are suddenly wondering if the world is ending in two days (based on a variety of different prophecies), allow me to clarify....NO❤️
In years to come, when folks look back at the things said by that crazy American girl living in Ireland, I hope they remember this...
We live in a multi-verse; a series of alive, organic and incredibly clever realities that exist simultaneously on multiple planes. I'm all about respecting the Earth and my fellow experiencers, but let me say this. We do not possess the power to destroy the Earth experience.It is here to serve, to allow souls to interact, grow and to Know themselves. It is alive, holographic, multi-dimensional and indestructible. We can appear to destroy aspects of the illusion, but the illusion itself? Do you think we actually "just got lucky" for Billions of linear years? Billions...
The Earth is a direct reflection of the people who are residing within her at any given time.
A lot of people are suffering with catastrophobia right now. If only folks understood that the sh%# storm of discontent we see reflected in our world right now is merely a reflection of the internal state of the majority. We are constantly creating and our Earth is always responding. We continue to look externally for the answer to who we are. Are we children of one of the many Gods who are worshipped across
the globe or are we already that which we seek...Our own creators, fragments of a Divine Source constantly and limitlessly expanding through a multi-verse of experiences?
Planet X? Apocalypse? Satan? Fear? Disharmony?
Duality and disillusion are the name of the game here. When you play Monopoly you aren't actually buying and selling properties or going to jail, but you agree to the terms and conditions of the game in order to experience yourself and those with whom you are playing in a different way.
You are no more alive or dead than the silver dog, or the shoe or the car in Monopoly. They are simply the agreed upon vehicles that we use to navigate the game. When the game board is packed away, we understand that what we took away from it was a feeling...and we grow from that experience. We are fully aware that the game is only a tool in order to access the feeling.
We mostly forget this concept when coming to Earth in order to fully engage in the experience. Every now and again, folks come along throughout the centuries to remind us to step out of the fear and remember that we are in charge of how the game plays out.
Here's another game... if some rogue planet were actually on a collision course with ours in just two days, what would your overall feeling be... Fear? Regret for all you didn't do? Satisfaction? Relief?
Use this latest "end of the world" story to check in with yourself...take that holiday, go volunteer at that place that you haven't had time to get to, play with the kids, confront an aggressor, write a thank you note, visit a nursing home, take a spa day, learn something new and knock at least one chip off your shoulder. In all of the horror, you are constantly presented with the opportunity to better yourself and your experience by raising the vibration of another with your individual and unique expression of your L❤️VE.
Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Author
Dr Mary Helen Hensley, Author added 3 new photos — with Carol Holley Hobbs.1 week ago
Magical day as Tricia Scanlan, Aidan M Storey Author, Pam Young and I negotiated our contract with Hachette Publishing in Dublin today. This book will be a ground-breaking book, based on our healing work and personal interactions with the process of death. We will be taking a 360* view of a subject that many people find uncomfortable to talk about. From the physical to the metaphysical to the practicalities, we hope to bring light and fresh perspective to a topic that eventually each of us will face. To say I'm excited is an understatement! An honour to be on this team!
Coming Soon
Understanding is the New Healing


The title of the upcoming release is “Understanding is the New Healing”


..why things have happened in life is the key ingredient to healing

7th Book

This is Mary Helen’s 7th Book!
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