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Covid 19 Frequency


Putting my synesthesia (the ability to hear disease)to good use, I’ve isolated the frequency range of the Covid Creation and the jab. As with all other frequencies, listen daily for 28 days in order to destroy then reconstruct your neural pathways in relation to the chemical, physical, emotional and spiritual effects of CV-19 and subsequent ‘variants’.

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Hugh and the Manatee


Hugh is a colorful and vibrant boy who enjoys sparkles, theater, swimming and painting his nails. When he goes to the national park for the final swim of the season, two girls, who have relentlessly made fun of him over the years, catch him sitting by the springs with his shoes off. When they spot his pink toenails and start to laugh a magical pink manatee rises from the water and takes Hugh and the girls on an under sea adventure that will change their lives forever.

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“Understanding is the New Healing”, the audio book, is enhanced with ancient Solfeggio frequencies, layered with Alpha, Beta and Gamma brainwaves, which correspond with the mood, or feeling of each story you will hear. There are no Theta or Delta waves used, so it is perfectly safe to listen to this audio book while driving. My desire is to give you the opportunity to connect with each of these stories in a deeply meaningful way, allowing for a richer experience, as you integrate this information; not only by hearing it, but by feeling it.




Jeff Mara Podcast

2nd December 2021

The JeffMara Podcast is a paranormal podcast which talks about Near Death Experiences, Alien Abductions, UFOs, Psychics, and More! 

Grief 2 Growth

2nd February 2021

Grief 2 Growth is here to inspire and motivate you to be the best you that you can be. Whether you simply want to improve your life or you’ve been faced with great challenges, the idea is to bring you content to teach and inspire you

The Ryan Tubridy Show

Hugh and the Manatee

14th December 2020

Mary Helen discusses her book ‘Hugh and the Manatee’ with Oliver Callan who is standing in for Ryan Turbridy.

Understanding is the New Healing, Some endorsements:

“You are holding in your hands the book: Understanding is the New Healing.      You did not pick up this book by chance. Perhaps it is an answer to an unspoken question you have been asking about your Soul’s unfoldment, pastlives, sacred wisdom and receptivity to Divine guidance. If those questions have been reverberating somewhere in your awareness this book may be part of that answer. Through personal stories of healing and release of cellular memories that have blocked the flow of happiness and great reflections on insights regarding universal principles, you’ll be ushered into greater clarity and wellbeing. 

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley has woven together an extraordinary volume of spiritual inspiration that will bring great understanding and great healing. Read it and watch your life change  for the better.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder & Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center, Author of 'Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation'

Sharing wisdom after having extensive experiences with the profound gifts received during the transition from life to death. An invaluable blessing to those struggling to make sense of such events, many will realize that the gift of knowing our eternal connection with loved ones is beautifully supported when we share the dying process.
Eben Alexander MD

Neurosurgeon and author of 'Living in a Mindful Universe' and 'Proof of Heaven'

Latest Media:

Audio: Mary Helen speaks to Michael Bernard Beckwith on his radio show – “Wake Up – The Sound of Transformation”
Photo: Mary Helen on stage at the Agape Spiritual Centre at the Saban Theatre in LA with Michael Bernard Beckwith during her recent book tour of the US.

Mary Helen’s Recent Books:

Hugh and the Manatee

Hugh is a colourful and vibrant boy who likes sparkles, theatres, swimming, and painting his nails.

Understanding is the New Healing

The UK and Ireland edition of Mary Helen’s newest book is published by Bookhub Publishing.

Bringing Death to Life

Miraculous recoveries from physical and emotional trauma. A collaboration with Patricia Scanlan, Aidan Storey, and Pamela Young.

Promised by Heaven

Mary Helen’s sixth book, Promised by Heaven, brings the Promised Trilogy  together in one unforgettable book, and was published in September, 2015.


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